The following 2 safaris can be booked from Nairobi/ Kenya from beginning of
January till middle of April, they can be combined with a price reduction.


We meet in Nairobi. From there we drive to Lake Bogoria, a soda lake. In the surrounding forest we build our camp. A clear spring supplies us with freshwater. The lake is frequented by large numbers of Flamingos, often Greater Kudus come to the camp to drink from the spring. As we proceed to Lake Baringo, we pass several geysers. We leave the rift valley and in the evening we reach Maralal, the provincial capital of the Samburu district. We stock up our supplies and drive to the Hoor valley. On both sides of the mountains the road reaches a height of 3500 m. As the landscape gets more desolate, the road widens, and suddenly in the distance the jade green Lake Turkana appears. In Loyangalani we relax from the cruel drive and bath in the pools of Oasis Lodge, fed by hot springs. For fisherman the lake offers excellent Nileperch, the lodge offers boats and tackle for hire. Perch up to 50kg are not rare. We visit the El Molo tribe, relict fisherman, which live peacefully together with the Rendille, Turkana and Samburus herding their cattle. After a few days of relaxation we drive on to North Hoor. From here we have to cross the Chalbi desert, a huge dried up salt lake. After the not always easy crossing, we move uphills and all of a sudden we are in dense forest, after days of desert we have reached Marsabit. On the lively market we stock up fresh groceries. Uphills through mountainous forest we reach Lake Paradise, a lovely crater lake. Elephant and Buffalo come to drink here. The huge East African Greater Kudu is at home in the forest. Downhills we reach the main Nairobi- Addis Abeba ‘highway’ and move on in southern direction to Samburu NP. The endless seeming plains are roamed by Samburu and Rendille warriors, still living their nomadic life. On the gamedrives in the Samburu NP we see Gravy Zebras and Net Giraffe, which only occur in northern Kenya. Lions and Leopards are hunting on the banks of the Uaso Nigro river, winding through the park. At Isiolo we meet civilisation again. We reach the tarred road along Mount Kenya. Our last station is the Naro Moro Lodge on the foot of the mountain, an impressive view. From here we drive back to Nairobi.


This Safari can be booked before or after the 14 days Turkana.
It can also be conducted on its own.

From Nairobi we drive through the rift valley to Massai Mara NP. Massai Mara is the Kenyan extension of the Serengeti in Tanzania and is famous for the large migrations of its herds of Wildebeest and Zebra. On their migration the herds cross the Mara river several times and fall pray to the numerous crocodiles in the river. This is a spectacular scene. The crocodiles reach a weight unseen anywhere else in Africa. The plains of the Massai Mara are populated by numerous predators, Lion and Leopard are abundant and Cheetha are frequently seen. This park is also home for all other large game species of Eastern Africa. The whole scenery is breathtaking. Away from the main tourist stream we build our camp at the Sand river, right on the border to Tanzania. We stay here for 4 nights and will explore the park on several game drives. The amount of game is unbelievable and for most participants the time will seem short, as there are always new things to be seen. From here we drive back into the Rift Valley to Lake Nakuru NP, famous for the thousands of Flamingos feeding on blue algae in the shallow lake. Lake Nakuru NP has now also become East Africans largest Rhino-sanctuary for both Black and White Rhino. Who has not seen enough Lion and Leopard in the Mara will see it here. In case of a following Turkana Safari, we will proceed from here to Lake Bogoria, if the Mara Safari is following the Turkana Safari the Safari will start here at Nakuru. If the Mara Safari is booked alone, we drive back to Nairobi.

Safari costs:
14 days Lake Turkana min. 4 pax EUR 1499,-
suppl. min. 3 pax: EUR 200,- p.P.
suppl. min. 2 pax: EUR 300,- p.P.

One week Massai Mara: EUR 799,-
In combination with Turkana Safari: EUR 599,-

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