Mount Meru / Ngorogoro Crater / serengeti / Lake Manyara
( Can be combined with 7 days Massai Mara / Lake Nakuru)
Conducted anytime as from middle of January till end of April
  1. day)
    Arrival at Nairobi or Kilimanjaro Int. Airport/ Tanzania, transfer to
    Lake Duluti, a beautyful crater lake at the foot of Mount Meru.
    Here is our Camp.
  2. day)
    Whole day trip into Mount Meru National Park to the Momella Lakes,
    impressive landscape with breathtaking view of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro
    in the distance. Mountain forests and Craterlakes are home to numerous animals,
    also the rare Colobus Monkeys live here.
  3. day)
    Today we drive through the rift valley to Ngorogoro Crater. The steep climb
    up the crater wall is covered by dense rainforest. On top of the crater wall we
    will see the graves of Prof. Bernhard Grizmek and his son Michael, the founders
    of the Serengeti NP.
    We camp on top of the crater wall with a spectacular view into the crater.
  4. day)
    Daytrip into the Ngorogoro Crater with its numerous animals. Massai
    herd their cattle on the slopes of the crater and live peacefully together
    with the wild animals.
    Huge Elephant bulls, several prides of lion, thousands of Wildebeest and Zebra
    and plenty of Black Rhinoceros are at home in the crater. The crater lake is
    frequented by hundreds of flamingos, a real paradise in the heart of Africa.
  5. ...
  6. till
  7. day)
    Today we move on into the Serengeti. On the way we pass Olduvai George,
    “the cradle of mankind”. Here Prof Lakey has made many excarvations of our
    ancestors, also many fossile animals can be seen in the museum.
    Serengeti is famous for its migration of thousands of Wildebeest and Zebras,
    and we will spend the next days to locate them and follow them up. They
    are always followed by large numbers of predators.
    Our camp is at Seronera in the heart of the Serengeti. Wide open grassland,
    phantastic rock formations, gallerie forests on the banks of the streams
    offer shelter for the abundant Leopards and shade for the other animals
    in the heat of the day, secret lakes......this is the Serengeti, unique in Africa.
  8. day)
    Today we drive back into the rift valley to Lake Manyara Natinal Park.
    Thousands of Flamingos feed on the blue algae in the lake, Pelicanes nest in the
    surrounding trees. Plenty of game can be seen and with a bit of luck, we can
    locate some of the “Tree Lions”, seeking shelter on the Acacia trees
    from the bites of the Tse Tse flies.
  9. day)
    Whole day excursion in the Manyara NP.
  10. day)
    Return to Kilimanjaro Airport or Nairobi
Should the Massai Mara / Nakuru safari be booked before or after the Serengeti trip,
the Lake Manyara will be visited before / after the Ngorogoro Crater. We will then drive
through Borogonja Border Post , which is also the border of Serengeti and Massai Mara,
direct from one park into the other.

Safari costs: EUR 1490,- all incl., min 4 pax, / 3 pax + EUR 200,- , / 2 pax + EUR 300,-
In combination with Massai Mara / Nakuru the special rate of EUR 599,- for the 7 days is valid.

Extras: Visa Kenya ( US$ 50,-), Visa Tanzania ( US$ 50,-)

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