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Zambezi Tigerfishing

My brother Peter and myself are living for 25 years in Africa and have built a smart little safari lodge here in Victoria Falls as well as conducting safaris throughout Africa.
As I am a dedicated fisherman, I also conduct fishingtrips with small groups in the region. Our main target for angling in the Zambezi River is the Tigerfish.

It grows up to 15kg and is a prominent predator, related to the Piranhas in South America.
On the fishingrod it delivers a strong fight. Similar to the Salmon of the northern hemisphere it jumps out of the water, attempting to throw the hook.
It therefore has been included in the IGFA recordlists.

There are, of cause, several other species to be caught here, namely Vundu (Heterobranchus) of up to 50kg, Barbel (Clarius) of 30 kg+, ‘Pink Ladies’, Yellowfish, Pike, Bottlenose, Eels, Cornish Jack and several species of Bream ( Cichlidae), marvellous eating fish and strongfighters of which the Yellow Bream ( Seranochromis, another predator) is the most famous. Our fishing safaris start here in Victoria Falls which can be reached daily by international flights.  Certainly we also visit the Victoria Falls, what a view...........the Zambezi nearly 2km wide, falls over a 100m down into the gorge.

The Zambezi is also the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Above the falls we fish for big Tigers and for Bream. In the dry season the fishing in the Zambaezi National Park (NP) is also very good from the bank. This can be very exciting, as the river is home to plenty of Hippos and Crocodiles. Lots of game can be seen on the river banks and Elephants approaching for a drink at the river have right of way........

The Zambezi below the falls offers excellent Tigerfishing and here the big catfish, the Vundu, is at home. Same like the Eels, they can not negotiate the mighty Victoria Falls and are not present in the upper Zambezi.
At Deka, a small river flowing into the Zambezi, fishing from the boat for Tiger is most rewarding. Between the steep rocks in the strong current are the hunting grounds. On good mornings, several fish can be hooked. Eel and Vundu bite mostly in the night on heavy tackle. Bream are in the quiet bays on the rivers edge.

A bit further down the river starts Lake Kariba, once the largest man made dam in the world. The lake streches over 280km long and is up to 50km wide. It is the most famous Tigerfish water in Africa. Its shoreline is lined by national parks and wildlife areas. It is an absolute paradise.
The best way to experience the beauty of the lake is by houseboat. These boats have all the luxury a fisherman needs and are catering for 6 - 8 fisherman, 3 or 4 days are sufficient, but more is better to experience the lakes vastness and catch plenty of fish.
We anchore in one of the quiet bays in the NP and fish from small powerboats carried along. Gameviewing along the shoreline is also excellent.
This is a must for a fishing safari in Zimbabwe.

There are several other good fish waters in the region, namely the Chobe in Botswana, the Kwando in the Caprivi Region of Namibia and the well known Okawango in Namibia and Botswana. All offer high class sport.
The Kafue River in Zambia is a bit further away, but is very rewarding.

Fishing season is whole year round. Dry season is May till November, cold season is May June and July, October and November are very hot and dry.In the peak of the rainy season January - March it is advisable to fish at Lake Kariba, as the Zambezi can be a bit muddy, but usually it is very clear all year round.

Safari costs:
1 pax ... US$ 220,- per person/day
2-3 pax ... US$ 120,- per person/day
4-6 pax ... US$ 100,- per person/day all incl.

Visa fees, visit to the Falls, drinks:

For the houseboat charter US$ 120,- are shared by no. of pax

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